Wasteland Half-Life
Weapons Armor Items Damage System Scenarios

The Scenarios present in Wasteland Half-Life still under construction - as this important facet of WHL gets updated, we'll keep you posted!

Plain Vanilla Deathmatch

Choose your character and a basic set of weapons and fight it out. More powerful weapons and helpful items can be found hidden away in the level. The round ends after a set time limit or when one player reaches a certain amount of kills. Dead players are prevented from instantly respawning for 6 seconds...it should be enough time to plot your revenge...

Team Deathmatch

Gang warfare in a post-apocalyptic world...just what the doctor ordered! Choose a gang and weapons from the stash, then try to kill as many enemy gangers as you can. Like Plain Vanilla Deathmatch, Team DM has a 6-second period between respawns.

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