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Last Updated 2/29/2000


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Mr. Pibb Demands Satisfaction!

The site has undergone a lot of reconstruction, content-wise if not visually. Basically, I've gone and removed content that is not directly related to the first release. I've added a quick FAQ to the About section as well that details some common questions and their current answers. To restate more simply, what you see on this website is what you can use in the game.

Thanks go to those of you who have stuck with us, and rejoice all you just joining our ranks now, the first public release is coming...

Look for the Player ID system on these awesome screens!
THAT is a big door
A Saturday afternoon plinking...
Shotgun vs. MP-5K
This is why you don't wanna piss off Gaist
Another victim of senseless (and caseless) violence
--ldmiral Duck Sauce

All the akimbo weapons available for the demo are now coded, modeled, and animated. Just a few more things to do here and there and the models will be set. We've got quite a few mappers slaving away to provide you with nice places to desecrate with blood and gunfire as well.

And now a word from the Pibb...
"snarrrrjjrl grahkayk prybdsokk!"

In English, that means that Mr. Pibb was glad that I got off my lazy ass and got a poll for him to spy on-er, survey WHL fans. You should be glad too, because if Pibby-boy decided to eat my brains like he said he was going to, I wouldn't be getting Wasteland done...
--ldmiral Duck Sauce and Mr. Pibb