Wasteland Half-Life
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There are several items you can find or barter for in Wasteland Half-Life. Some help you in combat, some heal you, some are useful in more subtle ways...

When used, the Nano-Doc releases painkillers, clotting agents, and healing drugs which minimize the effects of wounds.

Tribal Healing
Herbal cures and ointments have been utilized by so-called "primitive" cultures since time began. Now, the mutant plants used in these salves and bandages actually rival pre-War medicine in healing power.

Jihad is a combat drug left over from the War. It makes the user impervious to pain (they take no Willpower damage, but are affected normally by the physical effects of the wounds) but only temporarily...

Armor-piercing bullets
AP bullets render conventional armors useless, and have been known to punch though walls on some occasions...

Hollow-Point bullets
HP bullets mushroom into deadly flowers inside a human body, increasing both Willpower damage and increasing the chance of a mortal wound.

Explosive-tipped Crossbow bolts
At the cost of range, these bolts (tipped with home-made explosive charges) have devastating effects on armored and unarmored foes alike.

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