Wasteland Half-Life
Weapons Damage System Scenarios FAQ

This latest revision of the WHL Damage System is the result of a lot of research, both anecdotal, medical, and scientific. Most mods probably don't spend that much time on how the damage system works, but we wanted to have a realistic damage system while still retaining playability. In a nutshell, WHL handles damage two ways - the physical effects of the attack itself (tissue damage, blood loss, organ destruction), and the psychological effects from being shot or stabbed. Too much of either will take you out of the fight, even though you might not be "dead". It makes no difference whether you are dead, unconscious, or on the ground screaming in pain - you won't be able to fight.

- Willpower and the Health Meter
In WHL, you might notice your "health meter" fluctuating up and down and think, "why is my health going up? I haven't got any healthkits?!?" That's because WHL doesn't use that 100-point scale to only measure health. In addition to representing your average state of well-being, the Health Meter also represents your willpower. Shock and pain from minor wounds will fade as adrenaline kicks in and you realize that you aren't dead - the eons-old "fight or flight" reflex. Your Health will actually rise over time if you haven't taken too much damage. The other side of the coin is that too much damage can take you out of the fight even if you're not immediately struck dead. Pain and trauma can slow your movements and blood loss can cause you to pass out.

  • Health Meter above 50%: player gradually regains Willpower
  • Health Meter 25-50%: player's movement slowed to 75%, Willpower remains static
  • Health Meter below 25%: player is dying from blood loss

- Fatal Wounds
Having vital organs removed by a shotgun blast can kill you no matter what your pain threshold might be. If you take too much cumulative damage to vital areas, you're in for some problems!

  • Head: 20+ damage kills you instantly
  • Chest: 40+ damage will kill you outright as well
  • Abdomen: Taking 40+ damage to the abdomen won't immediately drop you, but you'll start bleeding to death internally (and externally of course).

- Locational Damage
Where you are wounded greatly affects your ability to return the favor. For a few seconds after taking the wound, you'll experience the following wound effects based on hit location:

  • Arm hit: Temporarily decreases accuracy
  • Leg hit: Slowed to walking speed for a few seconds
  • Head hit: Temporarily blinded, damage may cause a Fatal Wound
  • Chest/Abdomen hit: Damage may cause a Fatal Wound

In Wasteland Half-Life, any weapon can kill with one shot...
but none are guaranteed to.

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