Wasteland Half-Life
Weapons Armor Items Damage System Scenarios

Kevlar Vest
This pre-war relic uses layers of ballistic fabric and a ceramic plate to stop low-velocity bullets. It protects the chest and abdomen for 3 points.

Metal Armor
Crudely shaped from scrap metal (providing a hefty 4 points of torso protection), this armor is one of the most common sights in the wasteland.

Combat Armor
State-of-the-art personal protection at the time of the war. It provides nearly full-body protection (4 points over the chest and abdomen, 2 points over the arms and legs) as well as being light enough to wear comfortably.

Fashioned from heavy metal plates, kevlar, lexan, or whatever other materials can be scavenged from ruins, the shield has come back into style. It protects your front torso and left arm for 4 points of armor.

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