Wasteland Half-Life
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Armies of the world clashed against each other
As it had been prophesied
Severed heads, adorning pikes
Stark against the barren land
The horror of all horrors
When the warheads detonated
Will this be mankind's fate
Brought by high-tech barbarians
The law of lead now reigns...
--Earth Crisis, "One Against All"

"Before your grandfather's time there were many men, and they lived in villages of metal and light. Then one day some men became angry at the others and called the wrath of the gods down upon their enemies. But the gods tricked the evil men, and sent spirits to make their animals sick and their women barren. Many, many people died. The strong ones left their once-majestic towers of metal and sunlight and started new villages, hidden away from the angry gaze of the gods."
--tribal shaman

"We're running out of supplies. The recyclers have finally malfunctioned beyond repair. Our computers tell us that the effects of the nuclear exchanges were not as long-lasting as predicted. However, the use of biological/mutagenic/viral agents in the final stages of the war has led to unforseen developments among the surviving lifeforms. Communicate peacefully if you can...if not, well, you've been issued your weapons for a reason."
--Vault 4 Overseer to scouting party

"Whaddya mean 'scavenger'? I'm an opportunist. I'm not like those raiders, I only steal what I need to live, I don't kill people for fun, and I don't have fleas, either. Just because I eat out of a dog dish doesn't mean I'm an animal. This is good, solid plastic here. Some tribal was using it for some wack-ass rain dance, beads all hanging off of it and stuff. Go find a fjord, I say. Besides, shape he's in now, he don't have much need for no dancing anyhow."

Wasteland Half-Life is a multiplayer mod based in a shattered world. Nuclear fire has scarred the earth and the survivors fight over the scraps of what was once their civilization. Some have formed gangs and tribes to better survive the harsh world their great-grandparents left them, while some have waited in sealed underground Vaults for the radiation, viruses, and mutagens unleashed so many years ago to fade.

Inspired by such varied sources as Fallout 1 and 2, the Mad Max movies, John Woo's movies, and even medieval Europe, Wasteland Half-Life brings fast-paced, down-and-dirty action to an genre whose potential for violent conflict has been very overlooked.

There will be new weapons, like molotov cocktails, chainsaws, and sawed-off shotguns. There will be a new damage system - no more health percentages...each location tracks its own damage as well as contributing to an overall state of damage. Some other features (not definite) include trading posts to barter for additional equipment and combat drugs that allow you to shrug off normally fatal wounds, steady your nerves to increase your accuracy, or move faster and jump higher - for a price.

Wasteland Half-Life also introduces a new kind of Teamplay, where each Gang battles for gasoline reserves in an oil refinery to refuel their vehicles. Not limited to a single Flag, the precious fluid can be found in certain areas of the refinery, or stolen from the other gang's well-defended vehicle...both increasing your lead and hindering the enemy.

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